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Default BSOD During Windows 7 Installation - 09-22-2009, 11:44 PM

Hi all. Here is the particulars:

Mini 10v fully loaded with 2GB Kingston HyperX RAM, BIOS A04
Windows 7 Ultimate x86 Retail from TechNet subscription installing from flash drive

Installation blue screen randomly at different points. First couple of times was during the expanding files portion of the initial install. Now I've made it past that and it's doing it when I click Next on the Product Key screen. Every time the error is different and I can't write it down because it dumps and reboots too fast. Can't load windows to get at the dump file either because setup won't complete.

Any ideas?

EDIT: Got it to boot into the desktop, but still blue screens randomly. I think it might be the RAM, but it's new so it shouldn't be...

| Dell Mini 10 | Product Red Edition | 1.6GHz | 1.3MP | 160GB SATA HDD | Bluetooth | 802.11n | Windows 7 Ultimate |
| Dell Mini 10v | Obsidian Black | 1.6GHz | 2GB Kingston HyperX | 1.3MP | 160GB SATA HDD | Bluetooth | 802.11n | Windows 7 Ultimate |

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