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Default Slow Boot with Blackberry attached via USB - 02-25-2011, 12:29 AM

So here's an interesting one.

I use my laptops to charge my Blackberry when I travel and I use the Blackberry as a tethered MODEM for connecting to the Internet when the hotel Internet is too expensive.

Anyway, if I boot the machine with the Blackberry plugged in to the USB then the POST is extremely slow. This is the period while it says to press F2 for setup and F12 for boot options. That blue bar doesn't move for a long time and then moves very slowly. Unplug the Blackberry though and it screams through this phase.

Windows boots fine regardless of whether the Blackberry is plugged in or not.

Any ideas? The work-around is easy. I don't plug in the Blackberry until POST has completed. I'm just curious at this point.

This doesn't happen on either of my Mini 9's.
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Default 02-25-2011, 12:49 AM


My best guess would be that it is scanning it as a possible boot partition. I am not too good with blackberry OS workings, but if its anything like the other smartphones out there, when you plug it in it will prompt you to choose a "drive mode" where you can access the files on your phone from your computer.

If it does this at the beginning of the boot sequence, the computer may not understand what is plugged into it (USB = Blackberry to USB = Thumbdrive/CardReader) during boot and may cause it to halt.

I would:
+Reset Bios to defaults "Load default settings" from the bios page
+Check to see if there is a "fast boot" option in Bios and enable it.
+Anything in Bios that is USB related I would fiddle with.

+That or get a "charging only" USB cable, Which wont talk to the computer at startup.

Im just throwing ideas out. There is not much I can suggest without understanding what it is doing. I dont remember if the DUO has a non-quiet boot where you can see the boot dialog.

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Default 02-25-2011, 10:18 AM

I'm pretty sure the BIOS is set to look to the internal HD first, but you can always double-check and make sure that USB is listed last in the boot order.

I too wonder if maybe the Blackberry is being seen as a drive and has enough there to make the Duo pause while it figures it out. (for lack of a better description)

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