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The easiest way to install Snow Leapard
Published by jnm1963
Default The easiest way to install Snow Leapard

After many failed attempts I have found the easiest way to install Snow Leopard on my dell Minni 9 so i figured i would share with the rest of you, before i start i want to thank some of the members on this board, tchariya and masari for pointing me in the rite direction. This guide is for those hew have a hackintosh and want to either upgrade or do a clean install of snow Leopard
What you will need
1: 16 Gig flash drive
2: You can download it from the link below
Step 1
Use disk utility to partition your flash drive
choose partition tab, Volume scheme select 1Partition go to the options tab and use guide partition on the right hand name your flash drive something like snow Leopard DVD, for format choose Mac OS extended (Journal) hit apply once done run netbookBootMaker choose the flash drive you just partitioned let it finish

Step 2
Restart computer and boot from flash drive ( either set up your bios to boot from your flash drive or just find out what key to hit on your net book to get into boot options if all goes well your install should start without a hitch. I chose to do a clean install you can now remove the flash drive , you well not need it to start your computer again,everything worked flawlessl. I even did the latest updates

Once again thanks to those that helped me
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