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Default Home AV Dock/ HDMI out problems - 08-25-2010, 04:59 PM

So I love my Streak but I'm confused why I can't play any videos on my monitor/ TV via the HDMI on the home dock.

The dock knows it's connected and asks if I want to output but then nothing shows on the other screen.

I've tried all sorts of video conversions, different cables. And I may be a girl but I am pretty hot at techie things generally.

Dell 'Support' spent 20 minutes putting me on hold while the cm spoke to some tech person and then asking me inane questions like had I plugged in the HDMI cable... Oh and the fact it's running Android 1.6 and can't play flash might be to blame. HUH?!
Anyway, they finally suggested I return the Streak to O2 for an exchange as it might be the phone at fault. So as I'm past 28 days, they have to send it away making me Streak-less for who knows how long And if it's the dock that has the problem? Not impressed with Dell support. I'd rather wait longer to speak to someone who actually has a clue what they are talking about.

I also have a problem with Dell's promotion of the home dock as the website clearly states "Connect via HDMI to enjoy video, music and photos on your HDTV"... has anyone had music or photos played via their HDMI??? Has anyone been stupid enough to fork out over £50 for a paperweight?!

Rant over - well until I try to get O2 to give me another Streak on Friday of course!
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Default 08-25-2010, 10:26 PM

Sorry you're having problems. Sounds very weird if it knows the HDMI is plugged in. I assume the TV you're talking about is ok?

As for out putting music I reckon it's gonna go out over the speaker jack, not the HDMI, surely they wouldn't expect people to plug in a HDMI lead for tunes!

Please do not send me support requests via PM.
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samstables samstables is offline
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Default 08-26-2010, 10:01 AM

Yes, TV works fine - we watch Sky on it every day through HDMI (and the PS3).

Agreed about the sound through the headphone socket (blonde moment there in the midst of my rant!) but what about "photos"?!

Do I have to have to have a particular type of video for it to work? What have others used successfully?

Still gutted about the fact I may have to be without a Streak for 10+ days...
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JonHancock JonHancock is offline
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Default 12-08-2010, 02:52 PM

Quite an old post I know but wondered if you had got anywhere with this?

I too have the AV dock and am slightly disappointed with the functionality.

I have the dock hdmi out connected to an hdmi input on my television. The audio output from the television feeds into the stereo 3 input of my audio system. I then have the line out from the dock connected into the stereo 2 input on my audio system. This is how it works:

Watching videos either recorded on the streak or from other sources - Start the video from the gallery using the default movie player and I get the prompt to say I am connected via hdmi. Press yes to use and I get picture and audio thru Stereo 3 (hdmi).

Playing music through the default music player and hitting the 'hdmi' button again asks me if I want to listen over hdmi. Answer yes....nothing! until I select use lineout. Then, if I select Stereo 2 on the Audio device I hear the music.

The above is annoying for 2 reasons:
I have a Harmony One remote and wanted to setup an activity for the Dell Streak Dock so that it set the correct input on both the TV and the Audio device. Unfortunately this is not possible as the audio output differs depending on whether you are watching videos or listening to music.
2.. If I take the dock with me, on hols, business etc I have to take 2 cables as well and hope the TV i'm connecting to has an audio input in as well as the hdmi for listening to music.

With regards to pictures. If I put the device in the dock I get a nice screen telling me the time/date, the temperature and 4 icons at the bottom for alarm, pictures, music and home. If I press the pictures I get a random slideshow from the gallery over hdmi. I can't however see how I show selected photos.

I agree Sam that the AV dock is somewhat mis sold. What is more annoying is that Dell seem to be a faceless corporation and it is impossible to find anyone who has any idea about the functionality of any of the products they sell. Lets face it, the dock is made by/for Dell using what some people say is the new PDMI standard and they can't even make it work with the device it is solely designed for yet some random third party can make their A/V dock function with an iphone. Slightly off topic but that is why there will never be an 'iphone killer'. Not until everyone else gets their acts together and uses a standard connector.

Anyway, waiting for a response from Dell tech support. Wish me luck....

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Ferret1959 Ferret1959 is offline
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Default 01-07-2012, 08:26 PM

Bringing this one to the top as I am having the same troubles.

I know the tv input is working as I use the same input for my Android TV.

When trying to play a movie from the Streak I just get a blank tv screen and the movie plays on the Streak?
How do I get it to play on the tv please?
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