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Compiling Chameleon – A Newbie’s HowTo
Compiling Chameleon – A Newbie’s HowTo
Published by [MaLiCiOuS]
Post Compiling Chameleon – A Newbie’s HowTo

In this tutorial , we’ll be exploring on how to compile your very own Chameleon. I’ll try to be bit more straight forward. The reason why I am writing this is that I just want folks to know on how to compile Chameleon.
I’ll also be teaching you on how to update Chameleon. 2-in-1 !

Shall we ? Uh okay I’m ready whenever you’re.

Note : I’ll be making this a recipe instead

Baking Chameleon (no not the real ones , the boot loader you silly )
Ingredients :
  • Apple’s XCode (which could be found in your Snow Leopard Retail Disc or you may obtain the latest version from here (requires registration but its free)
  • Chameleon source code or PC_EFI source code. For this tutorial I’ll be using Chameleon RC4 Source Code , which you can obtain from here
Directions :-
1. Firstly fire up Terminal

2. Place the extracted source code into Macintosh HD (root of your OSX Drive) and call the folder as chameleon.

3. Next up in Terminal type cd /Chameleon and then type make clean (this is just to make sure that the binaries which were compiled before are cleaned). You can ignore the second part but its generally safe to do especially if you’re going to use someones modified source code or patched chameleon releases

4. Now its time for us to put our chameleon in the oven and cook it. Be sure to pre-heat the oven before you do it. Now embrace yourself – We’re going to compile Chameleon. To do this , type “make embedtheme” (without quotes) – what this does basically is that it compiles Chameleon with Theme support. if you do not want to have theme and you would prefer the traditional looks of a boot loader (aka boring black and white text – something like GRUB sans GUI) – then simply type “make” (without quotes)

Wait for a while. This process can take anywhere from 1 minute to 5 minutes – depending on your processor speed , the amount of RAM you have , the number of background processes you’ve running. If you would like to reduce the time (especially on a slower CPU) – be sure to close all other programs. For a fast processor such as a Intel Core 2 Quad or Intel Core i7 , it should be pretty fast . It took me around 1 minute and 35 seconds on my Pentium D 3.00Ghz

5. Once that is gone , go to your Chameleon folder , and navigate to sym and i386 , you should see your binaries compiled there. You may now update your boot loader if you wish. If you’re using EFI Partition , you may mount it and replace it. If chameleon is installed in the primary drive , then you may replace it. Its pretty simple actually. Thats it , you’re done. You’ve compiled your very own Chameleon. You should be proud of yourself now !

Go and grab the cake that you want it. No , the cake is not a lie. I am not joking ! (Read below if you want to know how to replace/update your chameleon)

(Optional) To replace your boot loader (assuming if you’ve used myhack or Official Chameleon Installer)

1. In Terminal Type the following commands. I’ll explain on what they do
defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE

killall Finder

What it does is that the first command tells the “system registry” that for the application Finder , it should reveal all of its hidden files. The second command (as you’ve guessed it) , kills Finder. No dont worry , it will re-load back. Now this time you have the ability to see hidden files

2. You’ll see a file called boot in the root of your drive. Now , simply rename it or move it to another location (to back it up) and put your newly compiled boot file to it. You may also overwrite it if you wish

3. Reboot ! (optionally you may want to hide hidden files , just simply change the FALSE TO TRUE )
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Nice. I understand the usefulness for this at a general Hackintosh forum (e.g. InsanelyMac) but why here?
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