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Thumbs up Latest "Tubemate" Update - 05-11-2011, 07:37 AM

You might remember the "Vaulty/Tubemate" conflict saga, of a little while back.

I got rid of "Vaulty" ( a Gallery secret vault), and Tubemate at the time and their files, using a file manager. That solved the problem of any "Tubemate" YouTube downloads and even movies downloaded from a PC ending up with a thumbnail Gallery photo of a video in ''Vaulty".

Later I re-installed Tubemate, and didn't seem to have any problems, - until today. I opened Tubmate, and it offered an updated version, which I accepted.

I used it to download a Citroen C6 car review from the Fifth Gear TV show.

It added a new widget to the Gallery, "Movies" - which I hadn't seen before, which was fine, but it also add a thumbnail of a Youtube dog video of some bulldogs bouncing on a trampoline, I downloaded and deleted, yesterday. So, in effect the Citroen video could be accessed from "Movies" in Gallery, and also there as on the SD card with the bulldog thumbnail.

Now surely, it must have been "Tubemate" (the update now) and probably before (previous issues) that caused Vaulty problems.

I used my two File Manager apps to investigate and found some "Folder" called "DCIM" which contained thumbnails of photos and videos in Gallery, including the bulldog video. I deleted it, and anything I could find dated yesterday.

* I think these items were in the main "Backup" folder.

Also came across some "software" from some company "Speed Software" dated yesterday. As I didn't download any apps. yesterday, I deleted it too, whatever it was.

It seems you may only think you are deleting things, but they may also have automatically backed up and the backup isn't deleted as well. But don't take that as Gospel.

So, as my new thumbnail in Gallery problem started the same day as I accepted the "Tubemate" update, - I suggest Tubemate may cause these problems.

** I have just run a test of a Youtube download taken via PC of a remarkable parrot in Japan that can undo ring puzzles in 5 seconds and speaks Japanese (how clever is that!). And I'm glad to say that in Gallery when downloaded to the Streak, it didn't come up with a thumbnail of 2 bulldogs bouncing on a trampoline, but a Macaw parrot. And the thumbnail of the bulldogs that was there has gone. So, whatever files I deleted with the File Manager must have worked.

The closes up of the Macaw, and the whole video has stunning resolution! A real head turner!

But I am a bit hesitant to use "Tubemate" again.

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Default 05-21-2011, 02:25 PM

hmmm i havent had any problems with it what so ever. have you emailed the dev about the issues? they may have a fix or it may help fix some bugs

StreakDroid FTW

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Red face Latest Tubemate Update - 05-21-2011, 10:38 PM

No, - as I need to test download at least another video to see if it ends up in Gallery with it's own thumbnail and not a stolen one from a deleted video or movie.

I will use "Explorer" first, to ensure there are no backup thumbnails from movies or videos already deleted that it can draw on.

I have since checked thumbnails in DCIM using explorer to make sure there are no residual thumbnails from images that have been deleted.

Then downloaded "Jedward" from Eurovision with Tubemate, and experienced no problems.

Whilst using the device, I deleted the "Simpsons Movie" in the Gallery, but when the SD card contents was checked, it still resided there, and was deleted from there. Perhaps this was a back up copy, - but whatever, do not presume that deleting things in the Gallery will straight away save memory space. A movie occupies a lot of space, and it was still there, I have found this repeatedly.

Always keep an eye on what is on your SD card, it continues to store things you thought you had killed.

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backup, gallery thumbnails, tubemate update

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