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Easiest Windows 7/Snow Leopard Dual Boot, with Chameleon
Published by IDKwutName
Default Easiest Windows 7/Snow Leopard Dual Boot, with Chameleon

this guide will show you how to create a windows 7 and snow leopard dual boot with chameleon bootloader as the partition selecter, thats right, no ugly easybcf or whatever its called.

what you will need:

1. snow leopard usb patched with netbookmaker or snow leopard dvd with netbookcd
2. windows 7 usb or dvd
3. a mini 9 or 10v

the method:

1. backup your stuff since you are going to reformat

2. (launch windows 7

3. press Shift+fn+f10

4. this will launch command prompt

5. type in the following

diskpart (windows partition manager)
select disk 0 (this selects your main hard disk)
clean (this will format it)
convert GPT (this converts it to GPT [mac partition table])
create partition EFI size=200 (creates efi partition)
create partition primary size=xx (this is your mac partition, replace xx with the size you
want it to be in megabytes)
create partition primary size=xx (this is your windows partition, replace xx with size)
select partition 3 (this selects your windows partition)
format fs=ntfs quick (this formats it)
assign letter c (tricks windows into installing here)

6. now turn off your computer and boot into mac os x installer

7. run disk utility from utilitys or tools on the top

8. select the first partition, under the erase tab, erase it as mac os x extended (journaled)

9. quit disk utility and install mac os x to the partition you just erased

10. after its done, boot into os x and run netbookinstaller, select install chameleon bootloader, install 10v extensions and create custom dstd (of what ever its called)

11. after it finishes,turn off the mini and load windows 7 installer

12. install to the 3rd partition

13. after the install is done and you got a fully working windows desktop, turn of your mini, put in mac os x installer usb, but when the chameleon bootloader comes up, press any button and select your hard drive (the one with an apple sign on it)

13. open terminal and type

sudo -s
(enter your password)
fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0
f 2

14. now thats done, when you reboot your computer you will see a beutifull chameleon bootloader screen, and if you press any button, it will have you select either windows or mac os x

thank you

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