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Default Rehabilitated Mini 1010 - 01-11-2015, 11:24 PM

Thanks to several people here for their suggestions and reports over the years and recently. Based on those, and being a chronic tinkerer, I decided to see if my Mini 1010 could become useful again. So, based on Frank's suggestion, I bought the 2GB daughterboard for $70. Got the manual he also suggested and thoughtfully linked. Like others found, the new board didn't exactly fit, but I settled for 3 out of 4 screws on the aluminum cover. Miraculously, it all went back together.

As a Microsoft Accounting Partner, I have plenty of MS product licenses, so I decided to shoot the works: Windows 8.1 Pro and Office Pro Plus 2013. Video was tricky, as it only supported 1024x768 with the Microsoft driver. A trip to Intel downloads and I installed the Windows 7 GMA 500 driver (installed using Compatibility, of necessity), and I'm back to the native 1366x768.

After setting a fixed paging file, I also installed System Mechanic, as it has the king of disk defragmenter/organizers (it will defragment system files, including the paging file) and a couple other useful tools. Finally, I installed the Classic Shell. Link: (Classic Shell - Start menu and other Windows enhancements), which I consider a necessity for any W8 computer, in order to recover the useful W7 style GUI.

Bottom line now. It's still not even as good as my slowest other computer, but it is good enough to be one I carry around in my briefcase. At least I can run Outlook and get mail from the Ofc 365 Exchange Server and run Remote Desktop to connect back to my office server. I could use my iPad for mail when out in clients' offices, but some things require a real computer, and the Mini is a real computer!

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