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Default Can't boot into chameleon VERY frustrated - 01-19-2012, 09:26 PM

I wait for the pipe after the Dell screen and hold the shift key down. All I get is a picture of the boot drive as if I need to select it.

I want to boot into chameleon so I can enter single user mode. I want to get into single user mode so I can fix permissions. I want to fix permissions because I can't use sudo in the terminal mode. I want to use the terminal to turn off my spotlight indexing. Phew.

I have two Dell Mini 9's one with an stec 32gb and the other with a runcore 32. The stec works fine. I did a fresh install on the RC the exact same way as I did the STEC. Everythings the same except the "sudo permission denied. Neither will boot into Chameleon by holding the shift key down. Maybe I could copy some files from one with permissions to the other?

Both have 10.6.3 installed with NBI 0.8.4. Both have 10.6.7 combo upgrade and NBI.....51.
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