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Default Pinnacle Locker - Apps Lock - 07-09-2011, 11:04 AM

Easy to use when you know how.

I could not work out how to get the profile I made for KII Safe to work, after I created another for Explorer. It seemed to select just one or the other.

I eventually figured out that just 1 profile might be best to cover the two, and I titled it "KII Safe & Explorer".

Then at the one time, tick all the applications in the list, you want the security to cover.

Then apply those settings, and all those you nominated will open first to the Pinnacle numeric key pad, before they can be opened.

*** And I discovered that if you Pinnacle on board, and you have Explorer as well, - and you wish to examine the thumbnails (using Explorer) and are already in Explorer (having been given access by Pinnacle), Pinnacle will not allow you to enlarge the thumbnails via "Image Viewer" etc. - without re-entering you numeric password again.

When looking at thumbnails in Explorer, they are so small as to be almost unrecognizable, so you usually look at then via "Image Viewer" to enlarge them. Just in case you delete the wrong residual thumbnails.

I won't bore you yet again, as to why it is important to check that backed up thumbnails should be removed using a file manager.

So, Pinnacle is a really good Apps locker.

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