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Originally Posted by TheMechanic View Post
It's just you and me holmes4.
I've let this stew for some time now and I'm still impressed. This is a great tiny personal TV/online movie viewer. If I fire up Kaffeine and watch TV then close the screen, it pops right on again when opened.
I went looking for a Mini 1010 on eBay. Looking to find one cheap with the internal TV tuner. Not many out there. I guess they're all in the trash.
The ones with build in TV tuner or GSM options are quite rare, since those where much more expensive, and nearly nobody bought them.
and most people who get one of those, look it up, and see that its not usable anymore, then they trow it away, even when it was the more uxorious version

I am going to use My Mini as a Linux based Pihole/multi function system, since windows 10 is exorbitantly slow with the latest windows 10 version. {even if you remove loads of functions of windows 10 as useless apps, like xbox, maps and such}

Windows 10 in 2020 is no longer functioning correctly on the Mini 910/1010.

it just is WAAAY to slow for it to function correctly. even 360-720P video's with the most lightweight videoplayer do not play correctly anymore.

99% of the time its buffering and loading the video.

Gonna look for a Linux version that is nearly stripped bare, as in only a ultra basic graphical interface. {so i can use multiple command prompts if needed for all the separate apps/tools i am going to run}

dell mini 910
supertalent dual wide ssd 128GB
2GB ddr2 400mhz ram
Realtek RTL8188SU
(not the 3G version)
hdd cooler as extra cooling
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