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Default os x updates problem :( - 03-12-2011, 05:47 PM

Hey guys, I installed os x 10.6 on a Dell mini 10v using the osx . mechdrew . com guide.

Had a little trouble at step 4 of the "Update to 10.6.4" section, as I couldnt find the netbookinstaller app on my drive.
but since the mini 10v was running, I d/l it after a quick google search and ran it.

after that, I ran the updates, and I think it d/l 10.6.6, not the 10.6.4 like the guide says to get.
the updates downloaded, installed, then rebooted.
all I get now is a grey screen with the apple logo and a spinning wheel.

I left it for an hour, and it's still at that screen.
Is there any way to undo the updates or to fix this? halp!

thanks in advance!
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