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Default 10-31-2018, 12:04 AM

Weirdly I've just dug mine out, still holds a charge and works perfectly for what it is. I use Tiny7 which is an unofficial (non legit) version of Windows 7 designed for PCs with low resources and barely any storage, runs a lot faster although anything more than basic web browsing, office work and old school gaming is still far too heavy for the old Atom N270 these days.

I've been looking for a 9" or less replacement, I tried a Toshiba Click Mini but the keyboard and touchpad were unbearable, been thinking of a GPD Pocket 2.

Dell Mini 9, 2gb ram, 16gb STEC, 2x64gb internal Micro SD via mPCI-e adapter on WWAN socket, running Tiny7
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