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Default Re: Remote Access Software - 11-27-2008, 01:15 AM

I appreciate your post Fanfoot. Last night while reading posts on the mydellmini forums, I started noticing a trend of people having servers. Not one for asking and waiting, I started searching on the web about servers at home and their significance. I found fairly quickly that I should have had a server about a year ago when I lost a 500GB drive that had my wife's info and pics on it. It wasn’t long before I found what I needed. A user friendly, low tech, remote access solution. Windows Home Server. HP makes two different spec. versions. We liked the redundancy feature, centralized I-Tunes (7500+ songs), picture sharing, and remote access to our files from anywhere. We chose the EX470 for the task. It was the cheapest on sale at Micro Center of the two then I added an additional 500GB drive with a ram upgrade from 512MB to 2GB. As soon as my wife finishes up her last class on a way to her Masters degree this week, then I will hook it up to our system.

I really look forward to utilizing this thing. We have 2 laptops and a desktop, nothing fancy other than the mini my wife is getting for Christmas . The only thing for me that I haven’t resolved is the remote access to the parents and in-laws for fixing their computer, but I think I can live with this solution. Remember one thing in life if you have to choose. A happy wife is a happy life!

Has anyone else used Windows Home Server? What are your experiences with it?

What a great tool to use with your mini!!!
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