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naqbi761's way is indeed the one true path to GPS-goodness (so download that file now!), but speaking as a n00b who hadn't used XP for quite some time I feel like some elaboration is needed in terms of HOW one actually MANUALLY installs drivers (and which drivers one should manually uninstall) in Windows XP. For example, I ran into the problem of trying to uninstall the thing, then having hardware magically reinstall itself. Here's how I got it working:

First thing's and extract naqbi761's file....2nd problem for n00bs...what are the extracted 'x64' & 'x86' folders all about?? They refer to the type of processor in your PC. If you are using a Dell Mini 9 on Vodafone NZ network like mine then yours has an Intel processor and so you'll have to use the drivers in the 'x86' folder...AMD athlon drivers are in the 'x64' folder. But in the end, Windows won't let you install the wrong you'll find out which folder is yours pretty quickly...

The trick is to actually go into Device Manager (through clicking 'System' in control panel then clicking the 'Hardware' tab) you will see a whole heap of plus those plus signs and then right-click every device with a 'HSPA' in it's name..then click update driver...say no to allowing Windows to connect to the Internet/Windows Update to find a driver.....then it'll ask you to install automatically or select a location for the driver...SELECT THE LOCATION FOR THE DRIVER.... click 'search for the best driver in these locations'...then tick the box 'include this location in the search'....browse for the folder you extracted those files to...but just specifying that folder is not enough, you have to pick the folder that has the driver for the particular device you are updating...the driver for your particular device is located in one of those sub-folders in the 'x86' folder (or 'x64 if you're using a different PC from mine).. you should be able to tell which one from the name (e.g. the driver for the Universal Serial Bus Controller of HSPA is located in 'd553bus')..however if all else fails Windows won't let you install from the wrong sub-folder so if worst comes to worst just trial & error click each folder until you come to one that Windows doesn't object to. In my experience the extracted file did not contain a driver for my Network Adapter...but this basically ended up not mattering as far as GPS went.

After a while, a GPS device shows up in the 'Ports' part of Device Manager (in my case it showed after I reinstalled the BUS controller) shows up with a question mark. This is when you right click install driver & pick the driver in the x86 (or whatever..) folder that has a 'gps' in its name! After that you install that Ericsson wireless utility and you'll be able to use your GPS with Earthbridge or what have you! This should get rid of that annoying error in which the Ericsson software implies it needs to connect to the internet in order to get the GPS working.
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