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Originally Posted by Dan_Shane View Post
My Latitude 2100 upgraded to 10.6.8 without issue using NI'm BI 20100616212351. I did have to reinstall the old GMA kext from NBI 0.8.3 to enable mirrored external video, but that's all.
I'm on 10.6.2 using NBI 0.8.3, and just got a HD screen, so wanted to try to upgrade the OS. The mirror friendly 950 kext worked ok, but avi playback stuttered and the OS animations were not smooth, so I used the one in the package. The std gma kext showed movies and animations smoothly, though I had to wait 2 minutes after the screen went black at boot up. Opening and closing the lid wakes the display, but loses outboard speakers (headphones work fine).

Did you use a special version of NBI 20100616212351? If so, I'm willing to give it a try.

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