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Originally Posted by renatus View Post
So everything seems to be ok,
right after install I messed around a bit and everything worked, webcam, etc. then next day it seemed the audio functions are disabled. I did some searching around here and used this patch program called ALC 268 installer, and after restart it was bricked again so I had to re-install the OS to get it back to a "non-sound" working OS state. Do you know of any ways to fix the audio? I've seen that maybe I'm supposed to re-run boot maker or something. Can I do it right from this mini, or do I need to do it from a bootmaker on a separate flash drive? Any advice on audio fixing would be appreciated, and thanks for all your help so far.

i'll only add that these problems tend to be intermittent. many times you'll find that simply rebooting will fix them. i don't spend too much time on the trouble shooting threads because it seems different solutions fit different users, and i just plain don't understand why that is. to my logic, two people using the same hardware, having installed the same software using the same methods, should experience the same level of success, encounter the same difficulties, and have the same solutions. however, this does not appear to be the case on a hackintoshed mini.

so the best i can suggest is to spend time reading the troubleshooting sections of the forum that pertain to your specific issues.

i would also strongly recommend making a backup of your working system (to an external drive, or to a separate partition on your mini) before proceeding with major tweaks and changes--especially prior to upgrading.


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