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Originally Posted by talexop View Post
Hello I had the same problem... I have a solution that worked for me!
Install to HD then reboot and login with your account
start a terminal with ctrl+alt+t
>sudo -s and give password dell1234
>cd /media/removable/External\ Drive\ 2/syslinux/
>vim usb.A.cfg
change root=/dev/sdb3 to root=/dev/sda3
press esc
and :wq to save the file

then exit the shell and shutdown

Next time you will restart you will not have to boot using usb stick!!
The first time it will need all the login information..

I hope I helped!
If I install to HD, will this damage the original Win7 installation in any way? I want to continue to be able to boot into Win7, but to also be able to boot into ChromeOS on occasion to test.
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