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I found a new kernel made for the Atom CPU and it works great. Speed step works, sleep works (no need for those additional kexts), the only thing that remains the same is that you have to apply the sound patch for the built-in mic to work. Bluetooth toggle still does not work.

The kernel and all the other stuff is here:

Here is a new step by step tutorial, ignore the one on the first page (except for other details not connected to the install - like disabling hibernation post install...etc):

1. Install 10.6.3 from a USB patched with netbook boot maker.

2. Run software update (first install the "other" updates, restart between as required and at the end the 10.6.8)

3. Will restart automatically after the 10.6.8, when it boots you will get the NBI logo, just wait until it is finished, than you wont be able to boot normally anymore

4. Hold shift at boot and type "recovery=yes"

5. Replace the kernel with the one in the zip withe these commands in the Terminal:

sudo mv /pathtofolderwithkernel/mach_kernel_atom /mach kernel

sudo chown root:wheel /mach_kernel

sudo chflags hidden /mach_kernel

5. Run NetbookInstaller 20100616212351 (with default settings)

6. Restart

7. Now everything should be operational (except the MIC) - install remaining updates via software update (i did them one by one, it failed if i tried all at once...)

8. Apply sound patch if you need it

For more details see first tutorial but --> IMPORTANT ---> with this kernel the model identifier is correct, showing "Inspiron 910" so you do not have to modify the machine.plist inside the "". So when applying the sound patch, ignore the part modifying the machine.plist...

The only problem I encountered was that the 10.6.8 update failed on the first try, but then I rebooted and the second time it finished ok.

If you have any problems or need more detailed instructions please reply...

Dell Mini 9 | A07 BIOS | 16GB Runcore | 2 GB RAM | MAC OS X 10.6.8 |

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