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Edit: As of right now, you can get the site in the wayback machine. Here's a direct link to the netbookbootmaker file.

Hey, I figured I'd go ahead and reply since no one else has and it's been months. If you've still got the thing and still want to use it, here is some advice/possibilities:

1. Learn linux. It's really not that bad and is probably the best bet for old hardware that was pretty limited when it was new. I don't know what you've got in your mini 9 but mine's still got the original 8gb ssd it came with. The distro I'd recommend at this point would be regular old debian stable or the Raspberry Pi Desktop.

2. Use XP. I don't have anything I could sell you but finding a clean usable copy at this point should be relatively easy. This is a poor option at this point if you expect to connect to the internet at all. There are a lot of unpatched exploits for XP and no updated browsers or antivirus will support it.

3. Go back through all the old posts here and over at the hackintoshing forums to try to reverse engineer how to get snow leopard installed. Snow Leopard is just as unsupported at this point as XP. There is no browser support for it and it hasn't gotten security updates in years. It also takes significant customization to the installer to get it to fit even the 16gb ssd that came with the higher priced version of the Dell Mini 9. I also was never able to get 10.6.8 to run on mine. I think I capped out at 10.6.3. It also didn't work that well. At this point you can get an old core 2 duo macbook for less than $100 if you really want to run an older Mac OS X.

I've had this thing since it was new and mine has run many different OS's over the years. Let me know if there's anything I can do to assist.

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