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Default Cant Select HFS+ - 05-21-2010, 05:02 AM

Hi AllanKelly,

FInally i was able to get inside the Gparted Live CD,

I did a very stupid mistake. i download the very old version instead of
that why it give me bunch of option to choose, and i cant even select HFS+

Anyway, inside the Gparted, it show i have 3 partition already that comes in from DELL.

FYI, I clone the whole 160GB HDD into 320GB HDD 7200rpm using Acronis True Image server
(and keep the original HDD setting unchanged therefore give 160gb extra at the end)

partition 1 --> Fat16 --> Dell Utility
Partition 2 --> NTFS --> OS (Windows XP)
Partition 3 --> Fat32 --> DellRestore
(unallocated 160gb)

Since it only allow me to have 4 partitions, i would like to have this setup

WinXP - 140GB
Dellrestore - 10GB
OSX - 100GB
Storage - 50GB FAT32

I would like to keep the Dell Restore, and if i remove fat16 (Dell Utility) would that be okay?
Its it POSSIBLE?? cuz i would like to restore my windows xp just in case with Dell Restore in the future.

and also, after i make the HFS+ , when i exit Gparted, it give me nonstop

VFS: busy inodes on changed media /dev/hda

What should i do?

please help. Thank you very much in advance.
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