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Question Thinix for Duo Screws up icons and text Plz Help - 07-14-2011, 06:46 PM


I installed the Thinix software for my duo and it works fine but when I went to windows all the icons are screwed up they take up like 90% more screen size and the text at the top of a window or the red X is more than quadrupled their natural size on all resolutions. I tried all of the ways me and my dad know how to fix it ( and my dad has been the computer software repairman at my school for like 16-17 years ) except system restore. I would prefer to not use system restore as I like the thinix software and do not want to get rid of it on the same day i got it. But if it is the only way, I will do it as i did not pay for the software and am using the free trial.

Help would be greatly appreciated. If someone already posted a similar problem I am sorry for posting the same thing twice.

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