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Default 05-14-2020, 12:50 AM

Running Tiny7 here with 2gb ram and the original 16gb STEC SSD, much better than a default Win7 install and probably your best bet I think. Currently at around 8gb with a fair bit of software installed so would work on an 8gb SSD if you are a bit more frugal than me. The generic synaptic driver works with it and supports two finger scrolling.

I also have a dual Micro SD adapter in the WWAN slot (you can solder one in if yours is missing as mine was), currently 2 x 64gb cards in there so no problem with internal storage. Still use mine for playing old games and casual use.

Dell Mini 9, 2gb ram, 16gb STEC, 2x64gb internal Micro SD via mPCI-e adapter on WWAN socket, running Tiny7
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