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Originally Posted by alienbiker99 View Post
thanks , nice to know where things came from.
my mini 9 sees to be a little more responsive with this kernel. cheers everybody!

zeitung, how does you dm9 run with the Kingspec- does it sleep correctly and not freeze on wake up? I was looking into swapping out the stock one in mine and runcore are either out of stock or too expensive for what it is.
I have to fix my signature The 64GB kingspec died recently (if anyone has an idea how to fix it, disku utility sees it, but when trying to partition it hangs at "wating for device to reappear", tried to partition it also under linux and windows, no luck).

So currently I am using my backup 16GB runcore and I must say screw that extra 48GB of space, runcore is much much better. Too bad the cost so much $$$...

On my other mini I have a kingspec 32GB and it is acting as my old 64GB. I noticed that when the computer is cold it would often when turning it on or when waking from a long sleep. Once it warms up there are no more problems.

Currenty my friend is using the mini with the 32gb kingspec (also with this new kernel) and just today I saw how it hanged at boot, the spinning thing under the apple logo just stopped, then he forced a shut down and on the next boot everything was ok. The computer was in the car overnight and it was quite cold, so I think it has something to do with the temperature.

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