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I think it is safe to remove that kext, I cant be 100% since I did a fresh install and did not use any custom kexts.

The only modification I did was to apply the sound patch.

About the bluetooth toggle, there are some methods on the forum, but I had little success with them, I just got kernel panics or bluetooth disappeared or it showed that it was off but it was actually still on. I didnt put much effort into this bluetooth toggle thing, since I just dont use it, it is disabled in the bios and thats that...

If you dont have a chip just get a bluetooth dongle instead of installing the chip, it would be much simpler.

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Originally Posted by alienbiker99 View Post
thanks for the updated kernel where ever you found it.
I wish I knew where I found it I tried so many kernels, and downloaded them all but did not remember where I downloaded them from.

Spent an hour trying to find the page where I found it, but no luck.

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Ok I found it, if someone does not trust my upload you can get this kernel here directly:

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