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Originally Posted by zeitung View Post
Hello, I used dchao's method and it worked at first, than a few days later the mini crashed when put to sleep. I tried reinstalling the sleep enabler next but then it wouldn't even boot.

So I am starting a clean install again. I just have a few questions regarding this method of installing 10.6.8.

First of, the combo update didn't work for me, it gave an error at about 70%. I installed the update via software update. Hope thats ok.
Maybe there is something wrong, normally, combo update should work fine.

What should the bios settings be after the 10.6.8 update? Legacy, usb wake, bluetooth (should bluetooth be enabled even if I am not using it?)
usb wake : disabled.
usb legacy : disabled.
bluetooth : disabled if you aren't using it.

I had usb wake disabled, and usb legacy enabled and it worked fine for a few days...I don't know what made it stop working, I didn't install anything after the update.
That's why you have sleep issue, you should have usb wake and usb legacy both disabled.

Next question is: after step 12 "Finger crossed. Restart your Dell Mini the last time." Do you have to do anything else? Fix permissions, run NBI? Anything?

Thankyou very much!
apart from replacing the mach_kernel and installing sleep enabler, You should run NBI before restarting, and not necessary after reboot, but you can run NBI and repair disk permissions after reboot, it doesn't hurt to do that.

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