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Originally Posted by DellMiniOSXUser View Post
If your WWAN card does not work after you upgraded you bios ("turn on hardware switch issue") here is a solution:

Tape PIN 20 of the 5530 card. This PIN is used for the (in Dell's case non-existent) hardware switch to control the radio of the card. Because of the buggy BIOS the card thinks the switch is turned off. Therefore it is impossible to turn on radio using the appropriate AT command (AT+CFUN=1).

Once PIN 20 is taped the card executes the command correctly and the Wireless connection manager (or any other equivalent software will work again).

How to find PIN 20: remove the card, turn it around (so you see the side which has no stickers). It is on the longer side, second from the key. Tape it, put the card back in and it's done.

Attached is a photo showing PIN 20.

Credits go to Sportler2k3
Thanks you got my dellmini 910 5530 card working again tried many drivers ect with no luck this got it working , im using win 7 pro latest bios , with the old vodaphone connect software orignaly for xp
once again many thanks and regards
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