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Originally Posted by alejaaandro View Post
nope... didn't work...

i get the same thing that i got before... i get to the splash screen and then it goes to a black screen... i go to a terminal (ctrl+alf+f1) and get the following loop
Attempting /dev/scd0 
Attempting /dev/scd1
etc until /dev/scd3
and then starts over from sdc0.. if i modify syslinux.cfg to boot=usb instead of boot=cd i get

Found usb flash drive at /dev/sdb
will now mount root from /dev/sdb
and then it just stops there with the cursor blinking

I did something stupid. A friend gave me their min 9 to put win 7 on it for her, well I never checked the size of the hard drive and didn't realize it was only a 4 gig ssd. Never even occurred to me to check, I haven't seen a 4 gig drive in any form for like 10 years.

So now I'm trying to put the ubuntu install that came with it back on using a usb stick, I don't have a usb external optical drive.

I used the 8.04 disk that came with it and made an iso out of it. Then created the usb install with unetbootin, that all seems to be fine I think.

Splash screen pops up, hit enter to install, type proceed to reset to factory defaults, then it just sits there on a black screen with a blinking cursor in the upper left.

Until I ran across the post above I didn't know how to get to the terminal but it appears I'm having the same problem he did.

Attempting /dev/scd0
Attempting /dev/scd1
Attempting /dev/scd2
Attempting /dev/scd3
repeating forever.

How can I make it look for the usb stick instead of searching for a cd drive?

Pulling my hair out....
Any help is appreciated
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