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Originally Posted by SameerUCLA View Post
Meklort - what's your thought on the HP Mini 311? I have looked over at the threads at InsanelyMac but they are rather crowded and difficult to muddle through. Best that I can understand is that they have it MOSTLY working, but that a number of things (trackpad, audio in, etc.) are still not 100% supported.

any thoughts? i like my 10v hackintosh but the limited resolution is starting to grate on me. If it was 1366 x 768 I would be much happier.

I very recently (as in yesterday) swapped my 10v for a 311. Everything is currently working except trackpad gestures (works as a basic point and click trackpad though) and line in (the headphone jack and line in port are the same port) but the internal mic works. All that is really needed to get OS X to work on the 311 is Icelords unwhitelisted BIOS (so you can use a different WiFi card, got the Dell 1510 in mine, same card as 10v) and a working WiFi card.

I'd say that OS X is 90% working on it. Ethernet is broken after sleep, and there are zero trackpad options.

And the larger res is alone worth getting a 311

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