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Default Mini 10 With Every Option - 01-05-2010, 01:30 AM

Originally Posted by rrfranczak3 View Post
how did you get 2gb on a Mini 10 with Win 7? I thought it was only for Vista and that one doesnt have the TV tuner available?
Here's how:

1. You get your company to agree that two netbooks @ $500 - $600 each are the same as buying one laptop @ $1200.

2. You buy two Mini 10's:
a. WinXP w/ every option - TV Tuner, GPS, 1520 802.11n, Bluetooth, etc...
b. Ubuntu w/ every option - *key here is the Z530 w/ 2GB RAM
c. You buy a 640GB WD SATA HDD (largest capacity in the 9.5mm form-factor)

3. You pull both apart and swap out the CPU's w/ soldered RAM

4. You swap out the HDD for the 640GB

5. You keep the pimped-out machine w/ every possible option

6. You give the second machine to somebody who works for you as a special thank-you

... Now I just need some help getting the TV tuner to work under Win7 and the GPS to work under Win7. Some questions:

1. The TV Tuner is a re-badged Hauppauge card - but does anyone know which one (or at least where I can find the drivers (not the WinTV7 app) for the TV Tuner))? If I install the latest version of WinTV7 - does that automagically install the correct drivers as well?

2. Anyone know where to find the drivers for the GPS card:
AzureWave GPS Mini card (mini PCIe?) GPS-M11
DP/N 0D628T

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