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Default Triple Bootup screwup :( - 04-27-2011, 08:03 PM


I had Alan Kelly's triple boot setup in operation. Very reliable.

I re-installed Ubuntu, because I had damaged it somehow.
It seemed like a good ides at the time :0

Ubuntu worked fine after install , but it was the only op sys offered at

I used it with just Ubuntu for a while. I was not too concerned about the single boot at the time.
I was using Ubuntu to test drive Ruby on Rails 3 and wanted to keep it off my desktop while experimenting.

However I decided it was time to go back to triple boot and fix it.

I booted from the Netbookinstaller USB and it took me into OS-X.

I tried re-running NetbookInstaller...... Seemed like a good idea at the time :0

Now I can only get OS-X or Win XP.

Clearly I've screwed the boot up sequencing.

Any idea on how I can access UBUNTU ?

I could re-install to the partition, but I want to keep it intact if possible, as I had just succeeded in installing Ruby on Rails 3 -don't want to do it again.


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