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Originally Posted by mrkcee View Post

I used a windows port of iasl and I think it extracted the dsdt from the registry. If you can boot to OSX, there's also DSDT Patcher (just google it). After you got your dsdt, edit it and fix the RTC (again just google it). Compile it using iasl and put it in the root of directory of your OSX installation. Yeah, some things didn't work out of the box.

You still don't have LAN and WiFi? For the LAN, just download the drivers from the Realtek site. For the wifi, just get the broadcom script: For the resolution, i have 1024x768. (worked, didn't do anything)

I still don't have sound and trackpad. What trackpad driver are you using?
Thanks, I'll use the DSDT patcher from these guys: DSDT gui patcher from PCWIZ | iHackintosh (as I'm no terminal lover...)

The script should be okay, I'll give that a shot tonight... Lan drivers are allready installed, but it still won't connect to anything. Probably run the script, and reinstall the drivers will make it work.

How do I see what driver I'm using? My tp worked out of the box...

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