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Default Mini 10v Full Review - 05-30-2009, 06:37 AM

So I don't personally have one... But I'm on the verge. I'm between the 2140 (Hi res Version) and the 10v.

I know a lot of people should be getting these in, as they have shipped just recently. So I'm hoping this thread will catch on as the "Go To" review for the mini 10v.

Some areas I'm sure me and everyone else are particularly interested in with the 10v.

- Ability to Run osX or not.
- how it handles video content (HD and YouTube, Hulu, and other Formats)
- Battery Life
- Side By Side pics of the 10v and the 10.
- Video Reviews are a must!
- Anything else reviewing about.

So this thread is to those who have the mini10 v and who are willing to post their reviews. With the above things in mind.

That would be awesome
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