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Default Attempting HD 410 CPU and GPU upgrade - 08-11-2014, 08:18 PM

I realize not a lot of folks are rocking the Zino anymore but I still figure I would post up in case someone else comes looking for info. My Zino is pretty much pulling media playback duty in my theater room. Recently Steam released In-Home streaming which allows lesser PC's to piggy back off the better PC's in the house and game like they are running i7's with sli'd titans. While it doesn't require a hugely powerful PC to pull it off, I am at best able to pull 720p so I figure why not try and upgrade. Just got the parts in today, going with a N660 Phenom II and an AMD MXM-A 7450. I have a good feeling the N660 will work. I read the other post about the N620 working, so there is a good chance the S1G4 N660 is going to work. The MXM-A 7450 is more of a wing and a prayer. There isn't a lot of info on upgrading the graphics cards in these, but the port should be compatible and I am hoping the power draw difference isn't that great. I'll report back on the success or failure of this.
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