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Default f3507g upgrading firmware - 09-15-2013, 05:18 AM

I couldn't upgrade firmwave on my modem neither by original firmware nor by modified one. I have toshiba r600, but it has also f3507g modem

Here is solution (worked for me - THANKS ZeroKuhl!!!):

(my laptop- toshiba r600, modem- ericsson f3507g)
used drivers - from toshiba page:
but they often change links so in case non working: -> driver download -> notebook, portege, r600, ppr60e, windows7-64bit -> search, and choose:
19/10/09 Firmware Update Ericsson OS independent R1D06_R1Z)

commands used (I used ZeroKuhl work below) :
A. checking whether computer is communicating with modem:
1.) Download putty.exe
2.) Connect to serial port COM31 with 112500 baud (my modem has com31-but it may be different in your computer)
3.) Execute command: AT*EVER (maybe 1st try give error, try again)
I had response here saying which version of firmware I have.

B. upgrading the firmware:
1.) get the COM port of modem
2.) open CMD with administrator rights
3.) navigate to the path where firmware is (I used my toshiba firmware update, which normally didn't work)
4.) <filename of firmware> -t COM<number of modem COM port>
5.) firmware update will start
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