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Originally Posted by zzinkmetairie View Post
Hi dootndo2, we recently purchased some of these at work and I'm trying to come up with a nice fast Win7 image for it. Have you had any luck getting the camera to work with the Dell app, Webcam Central? We let one of our users try one and of course one of his first questions was how to take a picture or a video. Dell gave me a link to a Webcam Central install but I get the message "Please plug in a supported device." when I load it. I have downloaded and installed the Dell Driver for the camera.

Any good tablet tweaking tips?

Hi Zack
I had the same problem and after a few phone calls to Dell support, they gave me a latest version, 45MB file and it worked, but first I had to uninstall the driver then reinstall it, then install that 45MB file.
It is too large for me to email it, but you should try contacting them

All the best
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