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Default M11X R1 has stopped recognizing its battery - 02-24-2011, 06:20 PM

Has anyone else had this problem? Last night I noticed that my M11X R1 (Win7 Home Premium, C2D SU7300, 4GB RAM) wasn't charging the battery even though it recognized that it had been plugged in. I tried unplugging and reinserting the power cord (first from the unit and then from the wall after the first attempt didn't help), and then tried restarting twice. With each restart, I got an error message just after the Alienware splash screen stating that the system didn't recognize the battery and would be unable to charge it. I was given the option to either continue (F1) or run diagnostics (F5). The first time I continued to boot into Windows, which worked fine, but the battery still wasn't charging. The second time I ran the diagnostics, but no errors were found, so it continued into Windows. After that, I shut it down to preserve what was left of the battery.

I'm sure fixing this is going to involve a call to Alienware/Dell support (thankfully the unit is still under warranty), but I was wondering if anyone else had experienced the same problem. If so, did it turn out to be just a bad battery, or was it a more serious issue? I've never had to deal with Alienware support, but I'm hoping they're not as bad as "normal" Dell support!

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