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Originally Posted by M20JJL View Post
hi i booted the 10v with the update 10.6.4 all worked fine on the top where the display screen is i clicked on that and it had a tick on the mirror so un ticked it nothing when i plugged in the vga excepted for lines ect . so i then downloaded the patch still the same although i plugged in a monitor yesterday i got the purple picture clear on the other monitor then went to lines

now just goes to the lines all over the screen

i plug in the vga after the laptop is booted right up

oh also then when i unplug the vga the lap top goes back to normal

regards M20JJL

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what is the mac terminal command
Help the wife has just purchased a 1011netbook and to use it on our 42" LCD TV i connected it up using aVGA lead.The computer screen appears on the TV but how do you get the sound through the TV(ie for Youtube etc) as it is only playing through the netbook.PS i,ve only got limited computer knowledge so be gentle.
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