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Question need urgent help asap!!! (win7 related) - 04-14-2012, 06:10 PM

ok so i just got a friend's old mini 910, and it was corrupted, so i need to reinstall windows 7 ultimate on it. i have the disk, but obviously it doesnt have an optical drive. which is where i got the idea to pull the files onto a flash drive. easy enough right? well the hard disk is too small to do that evidently. i have 3.5GB available on the partition file of my mini, and it says i need (roughly) 5GB to run it.

now my problem. i downloaded vlite, and it didnt work with my fossil of a Dell Latitude Inspiron C600. it says i need to download WAIK to make it work. WAIK is a full GB to download, and i dont have the room on my latitude, nor the processor speed to make anything work at a usable rate quite honestly (hence why im upgrading to the mini 910).

now my question! is there any way to either A)go into the program file manually and pull out the unnecessary files to reduce the file size, or B)find some way around the disk size issue? or hell, any OTHER option that isnt vlite?

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