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A - Boot drive Preparation and OSX drive Preparation

1) Install TransMac and then run the program. Insert the DVD into your drive and the larger USB drive into an available port. Right-click on your DVD, select "Save Image of Disk" and save it to a folder on your hard drive. Wait for this to finish. Next, right-click on your flash drive*, highlight "Format Disk" and select "Format with Disk Image". Select the DVD image you just created, "Open", and then click "Yes". Wait for this to finish, this will probably take at least half an hour.

Also download and copy the Mac OS X 10.5.7 Combo Update onto your OSX installation thumbdrive if you have room. If you don’t have room to have both the installation and the update on the drive you will have to come back to your Windows machine after the OSX installation has completed and copy the update to the thumbdrive.

*I used a 16GB flash drive, but I have read that a 8GB drive will work.

2) Download the appropriate DellMiniBoot ISO.

10.5.0 - 10.5.5 install discs use

10.5.6 install discs use

3) Unzip and open the DellMiniBoot ISO with the program of your choosing. I used the free version of WinRar, although there are several free programs on the Internet that can be used to open ISO images. Just google it and download the program of your choosing. Copy all of the contents of the ISO onto your smaller USB thumb drive.*

* I used a 512MB thumb drive.

4) Download Syslinux. Create a folder on your C: drive named “Syslinux”. Unzip the contents of the Syslinux download into the newly created Syslinux folder on your C: drive.

5) Be sure your smaller USB thumb drive is still plugged in. From the Vista start menu, type “CMD” in the search box. Once the Command Prompt program is visible in the search results, right click on the Command Prompt program, and select “Run as Administrator”.

6) In this step we are copying contents from the Syslinux folder on the C: drive to smaller USB thumb drive. From the Command Prompt navigate to the \Syslinux\win32 folder on the C: drive.

cd C:\syslinux\win32

Then type:

syslinux.exe -ma <your smaller USB drive letter>

On mine it looks like:

syslinux.exe -ma E:

It should take a few seconds and then return to a blank prompt. This is normal, you are done with this step.

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