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Default Mini 9 Dual Boot: OSX and Windows 7 using only a Windows Vista Machine for prepartion - 08-03-2009, 09:31 PM

Took me a while to do this but finally got a fully working dual boot using only a Windows Vista machine for preparation of my USB boot drive and USB installation drives. I pieced together sections of multiple write ups I found here on the site. Hope this helps someone out.

My setup:
Dell Mini 9
RunCore 32GB SSD
2GB Corsair RAM 5300
0.3 MP webcam
No Bluetooth

Materials used for my installation:

- 512MB USB thumb drive
- 8GB USB thumb drive
- 16GB USB thumb drive
- OSX 10.5 retail installation DVD
- Windows 7 RC ISO image

In this tutorial we are going to install OSX first. You can get away with only using two USB thumb drives. After installing the OSX, you can re use the same drive to prepare your Windows 7 installation. I did not utilize the Chameleon boot loader, but did still use the DellEFI 1.2 Alpha to load extensions and necessary items during the OSX install. Also, I am typing this install from memory so I hope that I am outlining the proper steps.

Alpine White Mini 9 | 32GB RunCore SSD | 2GB RAM | Win7 & OSX Dual Boot | Psyopper Sleeve | 16GB Corsair Flash Drive | 500GB Maxtor USB Drive | Bluetooth ordered