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Default Playable / not Playable Games List (Dell Mini 10/10v) - 06-06-2009, 05:14 PM

Here you will find a constantly updated list of games that appear on the Nc10 were tested.
Test messages are allowed and even desired.

Game Name----------------------System -----------------------Result

Diablo II --------------------------Ubuntu 9.04/ Dell10v------ Runs perfectly
Diablo II --------------------------Windows/ Dell10v ---------Does not start
Fallout2 --------------------------WXP/Mini10-----------------Runs perfectly, with D3Dwindower to install it and run it.
World of Goo---------------------WXP/Mini10---------------- works has a few video glitchs but once the level starts it runs fine
C&C RedAlert 2------------------WXP/Mini10---------------- Playable
command and conquer---------WXP/Mini10---------------- Playable
Simcity 2000 ---------------------WXP/Mini10---------------- Playable

Unreal Tournament ------------WXP/Mini10---------- Runs perfectly, with Software Render
Unreal Tournament ------------W7/Mini10v---------- Playable: in d3d mode - edited config file by hand for custom res
Counter Strike 1.6 ------------W7/Mini10v---------- Runs, seems really laggy for online play, but plays great with bots... need to investigate
Worms Armageddon-----------WXP/Mini10---------- Does not start
Alien vs Predator ---------------WXP/Mini10---------- Unplayable
GTA Vice City --------------------WXP/Mini10---------- Gets in-game but runs slowly. Elements of the HUD flicker
Old Games /Dosbox--------------W7/Mini10v---------- Runs perfectly
Runs perfectly
Does not start
Not playable

Since I still have none, you need to begin. I write your results here!

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