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Default 03-10-2013, 04:07 AM

The steps in the first post on this thread worked for me! The legacy kernel pkg didn't work, so I had to manually copy over the kernel as written in the post about that (also in the post above, but I used the previously linked kernel, not this newer one).

My mini9 is running BIOS A05. The steps didn't originally work for me when I was running bios A06- the mini9 couldn't properly boot after I installed 10.6.8 and rebooted using 'recovery=yes', it would stall and bounce between a blue loading screen and the snow leopard purple desktop- but once I downgraded to bios A05, the steps worked flawlessly and I now have a fully working 10.6.8 mini9. I've gotta say, it's probably the most stable setup I've had with OSX since originally getting the mini9 to use with OSX back in 2009.

Thanks so much to everyone who helped make this process possible! Thanks for the tutorial and I encourage anyone who was on the fence about doing the update to consider giving it a go!

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