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Default 10.6.8 Users: REAL WORLD Reported Battery Life? - 12-23-2012, 09:32 PM

Hello 10.6.8 users! Thank you for your interesting feedback on your triumphs and troubles going from 10.6.7 to 10.6.8, etc...

What I am seeking: Your REAL WORLD battery indicators, etc.
I am running a stock battery, and get 4+ real hours of usage, including streaming, itunes, slingbox, browsing, and playing mp4 movies from an SD card. After full charge, my battery indicator always shows ~4 hours in its monitor, and I feel it is quite accurate.

Those of you who are at 10.6.8: What does your battery indicator show as time remaining after you fully recharge your DM9/10.6.8?
And just to compare apples to apples, please indicate if you are using stock or extended battery, and maybe which BIOS you are using (though shouldnt this be in your signature?).
Thank You, as I still appreciate my Mini 9, and one last upgrade isnt completely out of the question, but battery life is more important...

Dell Mini 9; Crucial 64GB SSD, 2GB RAM; BT & 1.3MP Cam
OSX 10.6.7 | BIOS A05 | NBI 20100616212351 | USB BIOS Legacy Support: Disabled | Bluetooth: Enabled
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