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Originally Posted by bmcclure937 View Post
Have either of you considered contacting Meklort regarding this? I think this would be a nice addition to NetbookInstaller, but he is probably not aware unless you have made a feature request on Google Code or contacted him about this

I am going to be taking a look at Triple Booting some time within the next month, so these threads have become even more interesting to me.
Yes. I posted both issues on the NBI Google Code page at the same time. He accepted one (the change to boot0--issue 190) but not the other (Windows-safe fdisk--issue 189) yet. Just within the past couple of days, another user has posted a new issue (197) that is substantially the same as 189. I think meklort is busy with a new job, so that is understandable. I'm sure he will get to it when he is able.

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