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Default Re: WTF, Black Friday deal has Windows with no Ubuntu option? - 12-02-2008, 06:39 PM

It does kinda suck in one regard that you didn't get counted as supporting Linux as sought after OS. However I wouldn't get to stressed about having to "mess with operating systems" There are ubuntu restore disk iso's floating around that you can download before you get the mini so you have it to go. Installing ubuntu is about as easy as it gets and shouldn't take you a long time. I didn't get a promotional mail or anything like that I found the e-value code online on several different sites. Each of them *claiming* one config or another, I never saw an "official" spec before I went to make my purchase. I was pleasantly surprised to see the 8gb SSd. I was also not expecting to be able to make changes to my order while still keeping the discount. Often manufacturers will build using a static model for a sale and that is the only spec the sale applies to.

I'll tell you what I did which caused me to waste most of my Friday off work...originally I added a second year of warranty and placed my order thanksgiving night when the deal went live. After sleeping on it I decided I wanted my $80 back since it wouldn't cover any accidents my wife might have anyway. Friday I called in to cancel and I spent the next several hours trying cancel my order and place a new one. Once the order was canceled I somehow got myself on the business E-value page and the code wasn't working...I was like :evil: I made some calls, wasted a few more hours and was about to cut my losses when I realized i was on the WRONG E-value page... :?
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