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Default Help, think I've bricked it - 12-26-2012, 08:56 PM

So my brother got this laptop over two years ago. In the first year it started bsod'ing and he sent it to dell and they setup some special boot sequence and it seemed to work ok. Several months ago I installed an ssd to give it a boost and everything was fine, but I think I reverted the boot sequence back to factory. A couple months ago the trackpad stopped working. I disassembled to see if a cable was off and had to tape down the foil linking the trackpad to the power lights so it would turn on. Now, it turns on, but no drive is detected (fixed HDD = none) AND it will not boot from a bootable external cd drive or thumb drive. I stuck the SSD in another computer and it functions correctly so please don't tell me it's the drive. I know this must be some issue with the kludge bios they have on here. HELP!
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