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Originally Posted by acrjobim View Post
Hi all, I'm having a bit of trouble installing (upgrading) the April 15 build on my Dell 10v - Basically, the OS boots fine from my USB drive, but I am greeted with a "chromium > connect" screen where I am asked to selected language, keyboard and network. Unfortunately, whether I am connected through ethernet or not, under "Select a network", nothing is selectable, and the "Continue" button is grayed out.

My current January build is working fine on the 10v, wifi-and-all -- I was just hoping to see what new goodies this build has.

Any help would be appreciated!

Well, I do have a Mini 9 running this image, so I may be of some assistance.

Ok, so a few basic questions:
1. Is the USB drive disconnected/DVD ejected?
2.Is your ethernet cable connected?
3. Do you have a wireless router?

Ok, so if you do have a router it will be very simple. From the screen you are on, press Ctrl+Alt+F2. Log in using user dell and pass dell1234. If that doesnt work, try user chronos and pass dell1234. If THAT doesnt work, try using user chronos and pass facepunch.
Then, type bash.
Type /etc/ Once that completes, reboot. Upon booting, connect to your wifi network.

Let me know if that works.

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