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Originally Posted by Thorsteenster View Post
I'm not changing anything, Alienware/Dell overnighted me a complete set of case screws, I suspect the case will be fine with screws to actually hold it together!
So I got a free palmrest and a bunch of spare screws, which should be here today.
If any of you go on other forums with M11x threads, you may want to warn people with R2 to look under the access panel and check for case screws, I see this as probably being a batch and not a single instance.
WOW - stunned the laptop was missing all those screws - I've clearly pulled mine apart and the only issue I have now is the top power cover does not seem to re-click in as firmly as it originally did I have removed and reset this numerous times and there is a noticeable gap. And you can now see a white cable going into the case from the screen for the new internal aerials for the 5530 card - my fault for using a grey cable and not thinking about that.
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