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USB Legacy to ON
USB wakeup to OFF

I have had my BIOS flashed to A11 from the DELL US support website - from - but not sure if you actually need this to get it working

Also in the BIOS set your boot up to go from CD 1st, then USB & stick HDD right at the bottom (use F5 & F6 keys to move the highlighted item)

I also have a small 1Gb USB thumbdrive that I have NetbookInstaller on which is handy for 1st boot if you prefer to compact the 1st boot (although it didn't allow me to install from this) 0.8.3F netbootinstaller

hope that helps * here is a twitpic image I took of my Dell mini 10 in mid flight LOL! (i was trying to show it was running unaided without external connections)

#Photo Dell Mini10 [1010] Netbook ? with OS-X Snow Leopard ... on Twitpic

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